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"Your story of Marty really hit home.  I have chased money and prestige and things most of my life.  I had lost what my mom had taught me. I have struggled and climbed the corporate ladder for many years all at the expense of my family and more recently my health.  Your story has brought me back to reality of who and what is important in life. My family and making a real difference in the lives of people around me. I hope that I will take the blueprint of life that you found in Marty and can begin to apply it to my life because I’ve realized it’s not too late to make up for my shortcomings."


-Gregg, conference attendee

"Recently I attended a convention and like every convention there was a keynote speaker.  I've attended lots of conventions with most would say are top keynote speakers ranging from Presidents of the United States to Bill Gates.  So, for this convention, V.J. Smith was the keynote speaker.  Hmmm, never heard of him.  He was going to have to impress me along with the other attendees that voiced the same thoughts to me.  What we got was an incredible story.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house.  V.J. Smith had captivated his audience."

-Conference attendee


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