This is V.J.’s signature talk and is based on the best-selling book of the same title.  Audience members will go on an emotional roller coaster ride as V.J. describes how Marty, an unforgettable cashier at a local big box store, had a profound impact on the people who went through his check-out line.  Marty became a legend in an unexpected place because he treated everybody with dignity, kindness and respect.  As V.J. says, “Marty was living proof that you don’t need money, power or title to make a difference in life.  You just need to care.”


If you want a presentation that people will talk about and think about for years to come, look no further than V.J.'s "The Richest Man in Town"!


Drawing on his twenty-plus years as a manager, which included a stint in a Fortune 100 company, V.J. shares the qualities that separate the exceptional employee from the average employee. This is guaranteed to be a real eye-opener for many members of the audience. Using the categories V.J. illustrates, the listener will make a personal assessment on where they stand on the "Exceptional Scale"and the potential areas of improvement. As is his speaking style, V.J. uses appropriate anecdotes and humorous stories to drive home key points - and to keep the audience entertained.


Do you want to put new life in customer relations? Or, your personal relationships? Successful people and admired leaders share a common trait - they are great listeners. In this lively and entertaining one-hour talk, V.J. hits a homerun in getting audience members to reflect on their own listening skills and the simple steps to improve. V.J. is a fantastic storyteller and his memorable stories are sure to inspire and motivate about the great difference maker in life - listening.


It can be a life changing experience to write down your goals. The seven "file folders"of your life include: Family; Financial; Career; Educational; Community; Spiritual; and, Self. What do you want to do? What do you want to see? What would make your life complete? Giving deep thought to each of these areas and then writing down goals will provide a road map for a fulfilling life. It's a transformational experience and you are never too old (or young!) to start.


We are judged by the choices we make.  In our personal lives and in our business lives, we are faced with simple choices on how we interact with the people around us.  In this talk, V.J. focuses on five key situations we face each day.  Members of the audience will laugh and reflect on their choices during this one-hour rapid-fire session.

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