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Jackrabbit Tales

"This book provides interesting and touching stories that V.J. encountered during his twenty-five years association with South Dakota's largest university.  As with all his books and speeches, there are important life lessons found within its pages."


"I started reading the book and I could not stand to put it down for a single moment. What a great history and life lesson for anyone...And what a wonderful and humbling reminder of just how great our lives are and how great they can truly be."

-Mark B. 

Can You Hear What I See?

Interesting stories and lively anecdotes are woven into this thought provoking book that focuses on personal growth, work habits, attitude, character and connecting with people. The reader will do a personal assessment on personal issues concerning human behavior and interaction. You won't be bored! 


"Your book, Can You Hear What I See?, is an interesting and captivating book!  I read it in two sittings. It's another bestseller for you."       



The Richest Man in Town

This is a moving story of a relationship between a guy who ran a cash register and a guy who worked at a college. The cashier taught life lessons and the college guy listened. This wonderful story makes a perfect gift! 


"If you only read one more book for the rest of your life, let it be this one!"




The Richest Man in Town

Challenge students academically while inspiring them to cultivate lifelong qualities of kindness, gratitude, and self awareness.

This 65 page download is a complete 4-5 week curriculum to support your students as you read, "The Richest Man in Town."


Teacher's Guide & Activity Book

The Richest Man in Town

Use the "My Reflections" journal to expand students' understanding, self-reflection, and participation while reading, "The Richest Man in Town".

The student journal includes 50+ reflection questions that correspond with each chapter of the book. 


"My Reflections" Student Journal


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