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The Richest Man in Town: Teacher's Guide & Activity Book

The Richest Man in Town: Teacher's Guide & Activity Book


Teachers work tirelessly to encourage the next generation. Use this Teacher's Guide and Activity book in conjunction with reading "The Richest Man in Town" to challenge students  academically while inspiring them to cultivate lifelong qualities of kindness, gratitude, and self awareness. This 65 page download is a complete 4-5 week curriculum adaptable and appropriate for both elementary and secondary levels. 

Content includes: 

  • A sample instructional calendar for a 4-5 week unit
  • 13 lessons corresponding to each chapter of "The Richest Man in Town"
  • "Before You Read" activities to introduce the book and build background knowledge
  • Vocabulary words for each chapter + interchangeable vocabulary activities 
  • Chapter discussion questions to assess reading comprehension and expand understanding
  • A variety of activities to build communication skills: poetry, letters, interviews, descriptive essays, and more
  • 20+ classroom activities that create a positive learning environment and promote kindness, gratitude, and self reflection


  • File Format

    The digital download will be delivered as a PDF to the email address provided once payment has been processed.

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